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Crysanthi Stamatiou

Crysanthi Stamatiou

Manual therapist Kaltenborn - Evjenth, Mulligan Chiropractic & Dry Needling

Stamatiou Chrysanthi is a graduate of ATEITH physiotherapy is specialized in Manual therapist Kaltenborn- Evjenth, Mulligan chiropractic and Dry Needling which have many advantages in both recovery time and quality. The physiotherapy center deals exclusively with the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases and sports injuries, as it covers the needs of many professional sportsteams such as basketball, football and volleyball.

The physiotherapy center covers the patient in levels of physiotherapy and functional exercise. The continuous improvement of services make the space suitable for the implementation of the most modern rehabilitation, individually to each patient. The goal is not only his treatment but also his initiation into a more appropriate lifestyle based on exercise and well-being.

Σοφία Παρασκευοπούλου

Sofia Paraskevopoulou
Graduate of Physiotherapy

Many years of experience in the field.

However, her training does not stop here, as she continues to attend seminars and workshops.

One of its specialties is the McKenzie method (Mechanical diagnosis and treatment) which is a key factor for optimal recovery.

Πάρης Δημητρίου

Paris Dimitriou
Graduate of Physiotherapy

He is constantly attending new seminars for its continuous development. These would not lack the Mulligan concept (mobilization with movement), myoperitoneal massage, as well as the most modern Clinical Pilates seminar, which is applied purely by certified physiotherapists and aims to improve posture, strengthen the torso, balance and proper breathing.