Footprint Elite

Footprint Elite

Is a diagnostic medical device, which works without radiation or radioactivity and can be applied without fear to adults and children.

It consists of thousands of sensors, which record and analyze gait in two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphs and thus make recognizable the anatomical variations and diseases of the lower extremities.

It has 5,088 sensors and accurately detects weight distribution, mechanical pressure, gait time, body axis and balance both when standing and when walking.

Performs static and dynamic analysis, as well as kinetic gait analysis in a series of several steps. The footprint provides information about the high loads exerted on the foot and their residence time, the patient's balance in relation to the center of gravity of his body, the analysis of gait in the different phases of support and swing as well as the loading of the foot arch .

Evaluating these measurements and the information of the foot scan, special orthotics are made exclusively for the specific patient.